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6 African-American Celebrities Who Sadly Took Their Own Lives

Karyn Washington
Karyn Washington

1). Karyn Washington was a beautiful African-American motivational blogger known for creating For Brown Girls, a movement she invented to “celebrate the beauty of dark skin while combating colorism and promoting self love” and the #DarkSkinRedLip Project.

Washington was a great inspiration to many women as such, her death came as a great shock to her followers.

Not only did the movement she created gain traction among black American women, she was seen as a strong voice and advocate for women of color.

Washington suffered from depression and mental illness following the death of her mother who succumbed to cancer in 2013, according to information from her friends.

On April 8 2014, at the young age of 22, Washington took her own life.

The tragic incident left her followers and the African-American community in disarray following the sad loss of such an inspirational person, forcing many people to speak up about depression and suicide.

Yumnah Najah, a close friend to Washington talks about her tragic death.

Washington before her sad death was a student of Morgan State University;
Yumnah Najah, a close friend to Washington talks about her tragic death in the video above.

Lee Thompson Young

2). Lee Thompson Young, born on February 1, 1984 was an American actor. The young actor died after he tragically killed himself on August 19, 2013 at his Los Angeles apartment.

Young had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, for which he had been taking medication, and had been suffering from depression before his death.

Don Cornelius
Don Cornelius

3). Don Cornelius was before his death on February 1, 2012, a veteran American television show host/producer and music legend who served in the U.S Marines.

He became popular for his groundbreaking show ‘Soul Train’. Tragically, Cornelius committed suicide in 2012 at the age of 75.

According to his son, Tony Cornelius, his father before his death had been unhappy about some things that had gone on in his life and health.

Just before his death, Cornelius went through a bitter and costly divorce. He also suffered serious health problems which might have contributed to the decision to end his life.

Cornelius shot himself in the morning of February 1, 2012. He was pronounced dead after being taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Freddie E

4). Freddie E was a 22-year-old Hip-hop artiste from Seattle who killed himself after leaving suicidal tweets on Twitter. He died on 5th January 2013 of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Before his death, Freddie had a Youtube channel ‘Jerk TV’ that had large following. He informed his Twitter followers about his intention to take his own life tweeting: “Annnd, my day is ruined.

“If there’s a God then He’s calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It’s cold & I’d rather die than live alone. It’s… all… bad… y’all. *puts finger around trigger*” he wrote.

On the day of his death, photos he uploaded on Twitter showed that he had gone out partying. Following his death, Freddie’s fans accused Toronto rapper Honey Cocaine (whom he had had beef in the past) of complicity in the death of Freddie.

Shakir Stewart

5). Shakir Stewart was a hip-hop heavyweight and the Executive Vice President of Def Jam before he killed himself on November, 1 2008.

Shakir, 34 signed music veterans like Beyonce, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and others. Just before his unfortunate death, he had succeeded Jay-Z as the Executive Vice President of Def Jam and was also the Senior Vice President of Island Def Jam Music Group.

Prior to his death, friends said he had been acting quite differently.

Jovan Belcher

6). Jovan Henry Allen Belcher was an American football linebacker who played for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). Belcher’s death came as a great shock to many people after he killed his girlfriend and mother of his child before turning the gun on himself.

Prior to his death, Belcher had been having serious altercation with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins. On December 1, 2012, the argument took a different dimension after he pulled out a gun and shot his girlfriend in front of his mother, Cheryl Shepherd.

He then drove to the Chiefs’ training facility where he shot himself in the head with a handgun.

A report released by ESPN on September 29, 2014, showed that Belcher had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy – a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head injuries.

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